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Bart Dorst

What happens if given human nature someone wants to defame your character by posting ficticious or false information about one's self or one's company? Is there an arbritation board to remove false information?

Paul Williams - ceo -

iKarma has a challenge and response system, and users also have the ability to comment on any review. Just like on the internet in general, there is nothing to stop anyone from posting false of fictitious information about anyone. But on iKarma you can limit them from posting more than once, and you can challenge them and add your side of the story. In the end, online reputation is just like regular reputation, no one is going to believe the words of a few chronic complainers when put into the context of comments by all your other happy customers. Why let fear of an unjustified bad review keep you from reaping the rewards of building a strong reputation?

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iKarma has a challenge and response system, and users also have the ability to comment on any review.

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